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A Letter To that Part of You

"I am talking to that part of you who yearns for more.  The part of you who knows exactly what you want beyond all else.  The part of you who effortlessly believes that anything is possible, and that it's possible in every moment.  The part of you who longs to break right on through the Self-imposed ceiling your mind has created out of fear, lack, should and could.  The part of you who chooses to let the old patterns shatter to a billion little pieces.  The part of you who longs, who dreams, wishes and believes.  The part of you who leaps, cheers, laughs and resiliently re-bounds.  The part of you who truly wants the best for others because it knows that there is more than enough to go around.  The part of you who knows exactly what it wants and trusts that it will be divinely guided to the next steps to get it.  The part of you who knows it isn't broken and isn't the slightest bit interested in perpetuating the story that says its so.  To that part of you that knows the way, and longs to guide the rest of you back home.  Today, that's the part of you I am talking to, and I am asking for it to step forward and lead the way."

"She Left Behind the Old Story and Stepped into a New Once Upon a Time"

"Once upon a time when I was addressing my deepest hurt, I came across a piece of wisdom from Rick Warner. He stated that "Your greatest ministry will come from your deepest wounds". This message planted a seed so deeply in my consciousness and was the precipice to Lavender Blue Healing Arts and my journey as a Therapist, Teacher, Self-Mastery Coach, Intuitive Healer, Guide, Mentor, Writer and Creator of my destiny.

I knew that all my pain was a direct result of living in state of unconscious creation, and the "crumbling" of all the parts of my life, and my past, was so that I could be reconstructed as I was intended at my Soul's creation, without all the labels and beliefs that I had attached myself to through the years. My "crumbling" into a billion little pieces took apart all that I had identified myself to be, so I could stand naked, and exposed to who I was authentically.

- It was the greatest gift I have ever received.

I look at life as a movie. So many twists and turns, utter tragedies and supreme triumphs and in this movie, I am the leading lady, the writer of my script, the creator, director, and producer. This realization and awakening changed everything for me. I accepted responsibility in co-creating my story. I co-wrote the script, chose the cast, and I ultimately create the ending - The greatest tragedy? or the greatest love story ever told? That's for each of us to decide. And that's where the beauty of your power lies, its all up to YOU! Do you choose to be the star or the supporting actor? Will you be the Victor? or will you be the Victim?

I have experienced probably everything shy of directly experiencing "War". I have risen above; parental abandonment, the foster care system, rape, emotional, mental and physical abuse, postpartum depression, anxiety, organ failure, the death of a parent and cancer. I survived my youngest daughter’s father’s diagnosis of a terminal brain tumor during the time I found out I was expecting her, followed by numerous surgeries, and losing all our material possessions along with it  The list goes on, and on.

I know all my experiences were pushes to find my faith and begin bringing forth my gifts. Those unforeseen forces that fracture the skin so that the light can get in. They were all blessings, even the most heart wrenching events. I emerged from each with more strength and a deeper connection to a power so great it can only be described as "Divine". I know it was in Divine Order for me to come from a place of experience in knowing first hand how to travel from the break of trauma, to trace a connecting line to the root, in order to bring it to my subconscious awareness to heal. Following this path, I was led to that sacred space where the old way of being entirely shatters to pieces so small that it can only be reconstructed in a new way and better way.

In my personal journey to alignment, I was gifted with Compassion, Wisdom, Strength, Personal Power, and Trust. I learned to trust in myself, my intuition, and was blessed with limitless creative energy to construct my dream, and build my business. I am so grateful for all my experiences, especially the more difficult ones as it brought me to where I stand today, in my sacred space, authentically living my purpose, using my Divine Gifts, and for that I am truly blessed.

Did you ever think that the key to a life that radiates with the energy of Love isn't about "Becoming" anything at all? Did you ever think that our journey to Love asks of us to "un-become" all that we have been told we are, and believe ourselves to be? When we strip away all of these tethers we may then "Become" all that authentically are - A Divine Being of Love - having a Human experience.

I ask all of you to find the courage to surrender and soften to that space where you are authentically YOU. Embrace the perfection in all that you are. In this state of consciousness lies the vast space where peace and love emerges. It is here in this space where alignment begins - where true lasting transformation manifests.

May you be guided here to;

Relax | Release | Recharge | Renew | Reconnect | Rediscover | Rebuild | Re-Align

From My Heart to Yours

Lisa Hall  RRPr, CHT, RM

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Integrated Trauma Treatment Therapist - Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo

Training & Development Certification - Humber College, Toronto 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis ® Therapist - QHHT®by Dolores Cannon

Self-Empowerment & Transformation Life Coach - CCF, Toronto

Spiritual Mentor of the HuMethod™ - Holistic Learning Center, New York

Advanced Akashic Record Practitioner - SOUL REALIGNMENT®

Usui Reiki Master Teacher - Natural Health & Education Center, London

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Advanced Practitioner

Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner - The Center of Being

Registered Reflexology Therapist - Ontario College of Reflexology

Crystalline Energy Therapy Teacher - Natural Health & Education Center, London

Crystal Reiki Master Teacher - Love & Light Institute

Rainbow Reiki Master Teacher 

Lemurian Light & Atlantean Reiki Master

Holistic Massage Teacher - Natural Health & Education, London

Ayurvedic Massage  Teacher - Spirited Away Wellness, Burlington

Creator of Lavender Blue Healing Arts est. 2017

Writer of Awakening Sleeping Beauty est 2019

Creator of Lord & Lady Apothecary est. 2020

Co-Creator of Lavender Moon Co. est. 2020