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Lisa has made my life peaceful. She is truly a gifted Woman of the Angels. 

What a gift she has giving to me to learn to balance my emotions and my mental state. Learning/ teaching me to be strong and realizing I have a greater purpose in my life. The love that she has shown me, and my Daughter is truly amazing. Her guidance in completing the Soul Clearing, Mental and Emotional Clearing has lifted us up and providing peace in our lives. Another gift she has given to me, is discovering my personal Spirit Guides, and how to connect and communicate with each of them.   Lisa has opened more doors with more teaching of Reiki Classes.  She is a wonderful teacher, always being here to answer questions and provide guidance when it is needed. Truly a new path in my life and I am very Blessed to have met such a wonderful Women. Thank you Lisa :) 

Sandy Weber, Kitchener ON

My Intention & Mission

It is my passion to help heal and empower you to see your light, discover your purpose, uncover your gifts and to alleviate and

clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks and restrictions that present as a barrier to achieving your full potential.

My mission, is to provide holistic, alternative and intuitive energy treatments and realignments with focused intention on empowering and engaging your inherent Self-healing at a cellular and Soul level inclusive of all subtle energy bodies, resulting in energetic alignment - creating transformation in;

Body, Mind & Spirit.

Lisa Kristen Hall RRPr., RM

Energy Healing 

REIKI Energy Healing

Specializing in Distance REIKI Healing (Offered Globally) 

Crystal Energy Healing

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®)

Foot, Facial & Ear Reflexology RRPr

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage (Indian Head Massage)

Practitioner Certification Courses for all above listed modalities 

Kitchener & Waterloo Locations | Mobile Services Offered | Distance Healing Available Globally

Corporate Events | Special Events | Disability | Senior Services | Hospice | Gift Certificates Available 

Body Work 

Foot, Facial & Ear Reflexology (Registered RRPr)

Swedish Massage (Full Body w/Aromatherapy)

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Massage (Indian Head Massage)

Hot Stone Massage (Full Body w/Aromatherapy)

Kitchener & Waterloo Locations & Mobile Services 

Corporate, Private parties and Hospice services available

Soul Realignment, Emotional & Mental Energy Realignment, Ancestral Karma & Cellular DNA Realignment - Akashic Record Readings 

SOUL REALIGNMENT® - Soul Blocks & Restrictions Clearing 

Emotional & Mental Energy Body Realignment - Mental & Emotional Blocks & Restrictions Clearing

Ancestral Karma & Cellular DNA Realignment - Cellular DNA, Ancestral Karma & Archetypal Blocks Clearing

Spirit Guide Profiles Readings (Fully detailed reading of each of your Inner Circle Spirit Guides)

Relationship Realignment (Helping you understand yourself and your partner at a Soul-Level perspective and identifying blocks and restrictions, and lessons carrying out in the relationship pattern and the tools to clear all blocks unveiled)

Children's Divine Soul Blueprints (Fully detailed Soul Blueprint to understand your child's True Self & Divine Nature)

Your Manifesting Blueprint - Unlock your Abundance

Future Possibilities | Probabilities in your Blueprint (Directional Destiny and Potential Reading)

Property Clearings & Energetic Home Realignments

The Entrepreneurial Spirit - Realignments for the Spirit Conscious Entrepreneur 

Offered Globally | Phone | Messenger Voice | Kitchener & Waterloo Locations | Gift Certificates Available 

Self-Mastery & Living in Alignment Coaching

Self-Mastery, Self-Empowerment & Living in Alignment Coaching Sessions

Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring Sessions

Integrated Cognitive Talk and Energy Healing Trauma Treatment Therapies

Sessions offered globally via; Phone, messenger and skype, Whatsap,  Kitchener & Waterloo Locations

"She Left Behind the Old Story and Stepped into a New Once Upon a Time"

A Letter To that Part of You;

"I am talking to that part of you who yearns for more. The part of you who knows exactly what you want beyond all else. The part of you who effortlessly believes that anything is possible, and that it's possible in every moment. The part of you who longs to break right on through the Self-imposed ceiling your mind has created out of fear, lack, should and could. The part of you who chooses to let the old patterns shatter to a billion little pieces. The part of you who longs, who dreams, wishes and believes. The part of you who leaps, cheers, laughs and resiliently re-bounds. The part of you who truly wants the best for others because it knows that there is more than enough to go around. The part of you who knows exactly what it wants and trusts that it will be divinely guided to the next steps to get it. The part of you who knows its not broken and isn't the slightest bit interested in perpetuating the story that says its so. To that part of you that knows the way, and longs to guide the rest of you back home. Today, that's the part of you I am talking to. And I am asking for it to step forward and lead the way."

"Once upon a time when I was addressing my deepest hurt, I came across a piece of wisdom from Rick Warner. He stated that "Your greatest ministry will come from your deepest wounds". This message planted a seed so deeply in my consciousness and was the precipice to Lavender Blue Healing Arts and my journey as a Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Guide, Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and Self-Mastery Coach.

I knew that all my pain was a direct result of living in state of unconscious creation, and the "crumbling" of all the parts of my life, and my past, was so that I could be reconstructed as I was intended at my Soul's creation, without all the labels and beliefs that I had attached myself to through the years. My "crumbling" into a billion little pieces took apart all that I had identified myself to be, so I could stand naked, and exposed to who I was authentically.

- It was the greatest gift I have ever received.

I look at life as a movie. So many twists and turns, utter tragedies and supreme triumphs and in this movie, I am the leading lady, the writer of my script, the creator, director, and producer. This realization and awakening changed everything for me. I accepted responsibility in co-creating my story. I co-wrote the script, chose the cast, and I ultimately create the ending - The greatest tragedy? or the greatest love story ever told? That's for each of us to decide. And that's where the beauty of your power lies, its all up to YOU! Do you choose to be the star or the supporting actor? Will you be the Victor? or will you be the Victim?

I have experienced probably everything shy of directly experiencing "War". I have risen above; parental abandonment, the foster care system, rape, emotional, mental and physical abuse, postpartum depression, anxiety, organ failure, the death of a parent and cancer. I survived my youngest daughter’s father’s diagnosis of a terminal brain tumor during the time I found out I was expecting her, followed by numerous surgeries, and losing all our material possessions along with it  The list goes on, and on.

I know all my experiences were pushes to find my faith and begin bringing forth my gifts. Those unforeseen forces that fracture the skin so that the light can get in. They were all blessings, even the most heart wrenching events. I emerged from each with more strength and a deeper connection to a power so great it can only be described as "Divine". I know it was in Divine Order for me to come from a place of experience in knowing first hand how to travel from the break of trauma, to trace a connecting line to the root, in order to bring it to my subconscious awareness to heal. Following this path, I was led to that sacred space where the old way of being entirely shatters to pieces so small that it can only be reconstructed in a new way and better way.

In my personal journey to alignment, I was gifted with Compassion, Wisdom, Strength, Personal Power, and Trust. I learned to trust in myself, my intuition, and was blessed with limitless creative energy to construct my dream, and build my business. I am so grateful for all my experiences, especially the more difficult ones as it brought me to where I stand today, in my sacred space, authentically living my purpose, using my Divine Gifts, and for that I am truly blessed.

Did you ever think that the key to a life that radiates with the energy of Love isn't about "Becoming" anything at all? Did you ever think that our journey to Love asks of us to "un-become" all that we have been told we are, and believe ourselves to be? When we strip away all of these tethers we may then "Become" all that authentically are - A Divine Being of Love - having a Human experience.

I ask all of you to find the courage to surrender and soften to that space where you are authentically YOU. Embrace the perfection in all that you are. In this state of consciousness lies the vast space where peace and love emerges. It is here in this space where alignment begins - where true lasting transformation manifests.

May you be guided here to;

Relax | Release | Recharge | Renew | Reconnect | Rediscover | Rebuild | Re-Align

Love, Light & Blessings,

Lisa Hall RRPr, RM

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I am the grateful mother of four magical Souls between the ages of 4 to 24. My journey guiding, teaching, coaching and training others in the realm of transformation has extended over twenty years. At the age of 24, I was a success driven and materially obsessed young mother of a 5 year-old and 6 month-old and was working at Hydro One, Mississauga. I was blessed to have been "seen" for my abilities to; train, teach and empower others, by the CEO of the newly privatized Hydro One division and he will forever be one of my greatest teachers. Hydro One sent me to college in Toronto for my degree in training, and adult-level teaching. I found my passion, and what my then calling as the "Director of Training" in the residential services division. 

I was successful teaching coaching and mentoring others. I loved my job and was so proud of the material abundance for my young family.   I believed I was triumphant in surpassing all that life could throw my way but looking back, I was barely ever home, missing significant milestones for my 2 precious kids - but we were dressed to the nines, driving expensive new cars, vacationing frequently, and living in a beautiful home and I was only 27 years old. I thought I had it all, but it was somehow never enough. I acquired fancier friends, went to all the elite social events in Toronto, and was recruited to then become a Corporate Account Manager trading with high level corporate agents across Canada with Ontario Hydro Energy. I learned all about the realm of business, sales, training and trading. As my stature rose my marriage disintegrated - separation, divorce, and my little family being torn to pieces followed and the "crumbling" began again.

This was where my second awakening began, and the search for Spirituality and "Spirit" rooted itself into my conscious mind. During this time, I wrestled with my ego, and my Higher Self guidance. I clung to all of what I had identified with that was viewed as being "successful" and struggled with it no longer in my grasp. This led to the Eve of the dark night of the Soul. I left my job at Hydro One no longer willing to commute, rebounded to a new relationship longing for some sort of assurance I was wanted and valued, not willing to go it alone and not yet able to love myself unless another wanted me. I was being taught my most valuable lessons and given the greatest gifts but did not know it at the time. 

When I felt the mot alone and lost, is when Spirit completely, surrounded and guided me most. I had my third child in this time and was slammed with post-partum depression so hard that my body started turning on itself. I was manifesting organ failure. My own Self-loathing was so powerful that my thoughts of "get me out of here" were appearing in my body as internal bleeding and organ failure. This was the wake-up. The shrill scream that I can’t go on this way anymore.  I immersed myself in embarking on my new "Awakening".  I was Divinely guided to a procession of Spiritual books, mainly autobiographies of the leading healers worldwide and was struck at how alike each of our stories were.

I embarked on a grand scale Spiritual Quest.  This then transpired into the knowledge of how powerful each of our inherent healing capabilities are.  How we are in total control of our own healing and can heal anything we desire if we are "subconsciously" willing to.  This led me to studying everything possible on energy healing, and getting to the root cause of the issues and not dwelling on the Western medicine philosophies of treating the "symptoms".   In this period of my life, I gained a rich understanding of how I created organ failure within my body, and how I was completely responsible in the beliefs I held onto that were causing me to remain stuck repeating patterns time, and time again.  I switched gears entirely in who I kept as friends, to making physical fitness an enormous part of my daily routine, and experimented with many different lifestyle changes in terms of diet, and what I was ingesting into my body.

I mastered "thoughts become things" Buddhist concepts and rapidly began transforming myself and my life; meditation, affirmations, yoga, energy healing, and manifesting through visualization was at its peak in my life. During this time, I was working launching and building a new high-end lingerie boutique during this time.  Creative energy was profound for me during this cycle.  I was guided to training, coaching and building something from the ground up. This also all led me to returning to school to become a Life Coach at a time when it was not common and certainly not popular. 

During my schooling for coaching I was recruited by another large North American retailer to manage and help build their flag ship store from Canada, and I left the lingerie boutique for an inflated salary, and repeated the same pattern of building from the ground up, training, and transforming. I had much success in the corporate world but there was always the ache for something more. A longing to combine the Spiritual aspects of living into creating a living in the material world.

Once completing my schooling as a Life Coach, I started a new coaching practice and was immediately guided to the "right" people to enter the world of Executive Coaching. I loved it, but who I was becoming was such an intuitive Being that it was a struggle to not use the Guidance I had within at a Soul-level with my clients. I had all that I could desire at this time and was living the dream with the exception of the "niggling" feeling that I needed to become a Spiritual Coach and Mentor. I began schooling again and have never looked so deep within myself during this education process. 

During this time of my life, I was introduced to the biggest "Karmic Relationship" that altered my life entirely.  This was when the "crumbling" began again, calling me to live my truth and put me to the test to see how I would handle being dis-empowered, and my life dis-mantled yet again while I was at my most vulnerable.  I was six months pregnant with my youngest daughter at the time.  I was called to fight to stand in my power, and not allow it to be taken away again.  This stage of my life was the most traumatic experience I had to endure.  Through this phase I lost everything I owned, and was forced to rely on my faith alone and prayers. 

I was guided to a mass of earth angels who saw the truth of my situation and jumped through hoops to fight for truth and justice.  For all that stood by me, and believed in me during that time, I will never forget you, and will always flow an ocean of gratitude eternally.  I believe that I either have done the same for each of these people in another life, or will have the chance to return the goodness in this life or another to come.  This was a time when I saw all the positive karma I had given throughout my years start returning tenfold.

I went forth to rebuild again from scratch, but this time was very different. It was a rocket ship ride upwards at lightning speed. It was this point in time, I knew I had to bring all that I learned about Energy Medicine, Alternative Eastern Healing Methods, Self-Mastery Coaching, Teaching, and the Akashic Records Wisdom to anyone who needed my help.  It was directly following the birth of my daughter that I was guided to return to school to become a trauma therapist, as I knew first hand how to overcame even the deepest tragedies to emerge; stronger, wiser, and more compassionate than ever before 

It was from this space of time I breathed life into what I had been Divinely guided to do for the last decade, and it has been the most Aligned choice I have made. This was the birth of Lavender Blue Healing Arts, and it has led me to the zero point of standing connected to Source, and knowing that I am a vessel to channel the healing I have received to everyone I cross paths with.


Training & Development Certification - Humber College

Self-Empowerment/Transformation Life Coach | CCF

Spiritual Wellness Mentor, The HuMethod™ | Holistic Learning Centre

Integrated Trauma Treatment Therapist | Wilfred Laurier University

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher | Natural Health & Education Center

Crystal Energy Therapist/Teacher | Natural Health & Education

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) | The Centre of Being

Certified Holistic Massage Practitioner/Teacher | Natural Health & Education

Certified Hot Stone Massage Practitioner/Teacher | Natural Health & Education

Registered Reflexology Therapist | Ontario College of Reflexology

Indian Head Massage Practitioner/Teacher | Holistic Arts for Health

Advanced SOUL REALIGNMENT® Practitioner - Andrrea Hess

Writer of - Awakening Sleeping Beauty 

Creator of - The Conscious Child 

Developer of - White Flame Ascension Energy Activation

Founder of Lord & Lady Apothecary