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Soul Alignment Energy Clearings & Intuitive Readings 

Unlock the answers in your Akashic Record.  Align with the Divine and become unstoppable

Joanna Page, Calabasas California 

What a powerful Soul reading delivered by Lisa! I feel absolutely lifted and feel so much peace. Thank you for directing your loving energy towards me. You have put so many things in my life into greater perspective. You have a special gift! I know the Universe has sent you to me and my husband for us to fulfill a greater purpose. I feel as though I am starting to gain a rich understanding of my mission and unique gifts and feel so confident it will only grow as time goes on! What a beautiful day, today was! Thank you!

Nichola Philip, The Rock Spa, Kitchener ON

Sweet, amazing Lisa! I need you to know how absolutely moved I am by what you have discovered/unveiled for me. Reading my Divine Soul Blueprint, all I can think was...BLESSED. I feel truly blessed. Many thanks to your attention to detail, clarity and genuine caring. I feel the depth of you wanting to guide your clients to have a better life through the awareness and information you provide. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

Diana Strickland, Owner of Diana's Divine Escape Spa, Waterloo ON

Lisa did Soul Realignment for me recently. Wow. I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect. Between the work she did and the clearing prayer I did, together it changed my life. It released all the negative parts of my past and has given me a wonderful new sense of peace. I am more confident, I am able to express emotions easier. I am happier and have more energy. I recommend her for all her services including Reiki and reflexology too. Thank you, Lisa.

Jeremy Naylor, Waterloo ON

I have had a Soul Realignment reading and house clearing done for me by Lisa, and it was great! The Soul Realignment reading has really helped clear up some bad energies in my life and provided me with a sturdier path going forward.

Amanda Cormier, Stoney Creek ON

I would recommend Lisa to anyone who needs a Soul Realignment. I'm so glad I had this done and looking forward to learning more about myself because of this!


Insight into the key relationships in our lives is key to understanding our spouse, partner, children, parent, sibling and friends.  Relationships play a significant role in our personal growth.  There are reasons we all come together in this lifetime.  Some of the greatest learning of our-Self stems from the relationships we have with others.  Through key relationships in our lives we learn more about who we ARE, and who we are NOT. 

The Goal is to encourage both parties to see each other from a Soul-level perspective, to understand why you have chosen to experience each other , and to acknowledge and clear blocks and restrictions that are negatively affecting the relationship.  From a Spiritual perspective a relationship is successful when it teaches us more about who we truly are.  From an egoic and emotional perspective, we can become very attached to  making a relationship continue, even if it is no longer serving our Highest good.

This Relationship Realignment Reading is designed to offer insight and perspectives on how your primary relationships contribute to your own experiences.  Energetic blocks  and restrictions are specifically investigated.  This reading is separated into 4 sections.

Soul Profile for Each Individual

Soul Purpose | Soul Family | Soul Specialization / Unique Soul Gift / Lifetimes Experienced | Soul Vibration Rate / Higher -Self Connection / Spheres of Protection | White Light Beings 

United Soul Profile

Number of lifetimes shared | Relationship in former Lifetimes (Spouse, Lover, Family Member, Friend)

Relationship Lessons and Core Imprints to be Experienced for Each Soul in your Relationship Together

Soul Stories

Past-life story of the first lifetime together | Past-life story of the last lifetime together

Individual Relationship Blocks & Restrictions Affecting All Love Relationships 

This part of the reading addresses blocks and restrictions that are presenting for each party in any love relationship they may have had in the past, present, and future if not re-aligned and cleared.  This part of the reading is not "specific" to the relationship you have created together, but will carry into negatively affecting your partnership.

Soul Contracts Created with Another Soul  | Vows to Another Soul |  Cords to Another Soul | Hooks to Another Soul |  Bindings to Another Soul | Soul Bargains Created with Another Soul  / Negative Core Imprints Related to Love & Love Relationships / Negative Limiting Beliefs Related to Love & Love Relationships

Specific Blocks & Restrictions Created within Your Love Relationship

4 Part Pdf reading for your records

$222.00 CAD ~ One Primary Relationship | 2 People / 1 Hour 

See the bottom of this page to place your request for this reading

Child Soul Blueprint Reading​

Divine Soul Blueprint

Divine Soul Purpose | Soul Family | Soul Specialization | Unique Soul Gift | Primary Life Lesson  

Ancient Mystery Schools & Spiritual Studies That Have Had A Positive Influence On The Soul

Detailed Spirit Guide Profile of Their First Breathe of Life Guide

Goddess or God Archetype Energy | Crystal Energy - Crystal Matching Their Soul's Vibrational Frequency 

Periods of History Creating Positive Experiences for Their Soul /  Soul Vibration Rate / Spheres of Protection / White Light Beings / God Spark Connection

1 hour in-person, phone or skype reading & three part pdf reading for your records

$99.00 CAD for full Divine Soul Blueprint

$125 CAD for  Divine Soul Blueprint & past-life blocks  & restrictions reading and clearing

See the bottom of this page to place your request for this reading

Realignments & Readings Order Request

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