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Awakening Sleeping Beauty 

"There's no greater agony than holding an untold story inside of you"

The Novel 2020 "Chaos Preceding Divine Order"

March 15, 2020

We are each a master, here to bring forth our Soul’s purpose, our heart’s fulfillment, and our life mission. As a master, it’s our job to understand why our Soul chose to come to Earth and how to bring Light into a world at a time when great darkness prevails. Each Soul has many helper aspects. Each person is innately connected to guides, angels, councils of beings, and Soul Families. Through our Souls, we belong to a collective, unified energy field that is working for all humankind. This appears to be true more than ever at this highly significant time in our universal history. Each moment that we lead our life from our heart and Soul, we are aligned with our Soul’s destiny and we are practicing Soul Mastery. As simple as it sounds, accessing the gifts of our Soul is the greatest offering we each can make to return the world to its Original Blueprint based on Love. It is the world that we all feel in our bones is possible.

We live in a world of strange contrasts. We can decode DNA. We can transplant organs to prolong the body’s life. We can create life in a petri dish, and clone stem cells. If you have no family history, you can get your DNA tested and learn what part of the world you are from. All of these things give meaning to people’s physical existence, yet the world is still far from being freed from the grip of disease, poverty, or war. That is the world we live in. Technical advances in science have created the ability to see beyond our planet in ways unimaginable ten years ago. We are reaching out to the stars and the galaxies for information about how we got here and what that means for us. Yet each scientific journal still admits to more ignorance than information. This is the world we live in. With all the knowledge and information available to us, people are still searching for answers to what remains unanswered in the depths of their Souls.

These physical bodies of ours are just temporary and could not exist without this amazing and powerful force. How much do you know about it? Put aside the life view you are experiencing by being temporarily alive in physical form in this particular point in the history of mankind. Go back to the beginning and consider that each one of us has always been in existence and look at what that means to you in particular. Where does your immortal Soul come from? What are your Soul gifts and challenges? Let that give meaning to each breath you take and each day you wake up to experience what life has in store for you. Soul Mastery is a gift of awareness to those looking for the answers. It is a beacon of light to lead you to places where the Soul finds its truth, fulfillment, and peace. Only as each of us makes the journey back to our Soul truth, will the tide be turned for the world to begin its shift to paradise through the New Earth.