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Integrated Trauma Therapy $75 hr

Somatic, Attachment & Neuroscience Approach​es

Trauma is marked by a loss of control. Treatment must start with creating an atmosphere of safety through establishing predictable and respectful relationships. For you to heal, you must feel safe and in control. Choice, empowerment, and the ability to express how you feel and be heard are essential to recovery.

Each session will offer the stability of specific coping skills that include; Getting grounded, feeling safe, Self-care, and you knowing you are in control of holding the container of your trauma. I offer a highly empathic structure of support for you so that you can feel safe, heard and understood, not judged or silenced. I use varied techniques throughout each session consisting of; Emotional regulation, Emotion-Focused CBT, Physiobiological approach to Somatic Experiencing and various Energy Healing techniques. My intention in each session is to assist you in gaining the skills that allow you to effectively hold your trauma, how to navigate your emotional responses when triggered by learning essential emotional regulation techniques, learning how to set healthy boundaries and ultimately learning the skills to take your power back by upholding healthy boundaries allowing you to feel safe, in control, and emotionally balanced through the regulation skills and self care methods that have now become a part of your new way of being.  

Katy Tobin, Creator of Kissing Spirit, Baden ON

Lisa has forever changed my life in the most enlightening way!

She is a gift to all of us!

Spiritual Counselling $65 hr

All Sessions are distant through phone, zoom or messenger

Alexys Oxby , Cosmic Earth Healing, Kitchener ON

I'm so glad my guides brought me to you, I literally had no idea what I was going to do to start this path. I knew I wanted to heal people but I had no idea how I was going to do it. This has been a dream come true and I'm beyond excited to see what this path brings. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and guide, your energy and love for healing is truly contagious.

Laura Lorentz, Founder of Mom Ambition, Kitchener ON

Lisa is truly gifted.  I was lost in my career, but with her support and services, she helped me get the courage to start a business coaching practice for moms.  I am very grateful to her.

Narcissist Recovery Coaching 

All Sessions are $66 CAD for 45 mins and are conducted through phone, messenger voice or video

Self Mastery Coaching 

In seeking Self-Mastery, we learn the skill set to Master your mind.  This is the Ego, and the nagging voice that hasn't left you alone most of your life that feeds you stories to elicit a trigger within you that activates an emotional response of fear, self-doubt, worry, distrust and above all separation from mankind and Spirit. 

All Sessions are $66 CAD for 45 mins and are conducted through phone, messenger voice or video