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Everything is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. This is not philosophy, This is physics - Albert Einstein

Distant Energy Healing

All distant healing and alignment sessions take one hour. It is ideal to lie down during the session, eyes closed and clear the mind from thought as best you can. Also, no expectations. Just allow yourself to be. Resting, relaxing, allowing the body to release. Date and time to be arranged with individual according to your time line. Everyone experiences the healing energy, vibration, codings differently and unique to you. You may notice the following sensations. It is nothing to be alarmed with, it is how the energy can show itself when it links with the body.

Common Sensations During a Distant Healing Session

Tingling in the scalp,head area, Electrical spasms in the body, Arm leg twitches, Either fatigue or energized, Influx of energy in the mind, thought pattern, Vibrational downloads, Energy settling. Muscle spasms

Common Experiences During & Following a Distant Healing Session

Some discomfort may be experienced by some although this depends on the individual. This discomfort may show up as blockages are released. The body holds onto a lot of history, programming, control mechanisms and to work through this the energy has to push through, releasing the disharmony. The discomfort can often be the 3D self putting up resistance. The more you surrender and let go the easier the energy can move through the blockages. The healing can continue for up to 7 days. Similar symptoms etc. can continue for up to 1 week depending on current unique energy blueprint of the individual. It is important to drink plenty of water. Not soda, juice, coffee, tea just increased water intake, more so than you would usually as the vibration is very high the body needs the water. Feeling tired or feeling energized. Either one is a sign of the healing vibration.

Losing time during the healing session is very common as many fall asleep during the session and can be out of it for a few hours. This is usual. It may point to deeper level healing for those who have experienced trauma or abuse on some level or past life memory release. The human form is therefore taken out of body so that the healing can go deeper. During this time you are taken in your light body to the 5th and higher dimensions as you receive system reboot. So if you experience a sudden feeling of being out of body do not fear this. This may or may not occur. It's all part of the vibrational integration, where there is a slight reset in circuitry to reboot the electrical system. You may also experience an emotional release; tears, anger, heightened emotional state. This is all part of the release process. To release you must feel and experience a memory moment for only a split second. As the physical, emotional and mental body release there can be memory recall of an event.  The body needs to do this so it can release the pattern. When it is gone it is gone for good. Dietary changes can be experienced after the healing session due to the higher frequency in vibration as it works to raise your own. So you may notice dietary changes or alterations in food ingested.