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Grateful for All the LOVE

The ultimate place to go for peace and calming. There is no one like Lisa!

Charlene Cesinaro, Kitchener ON

Joanna Page, Calabasis California 

What a powerful Soul reading delivered by Lisa! I feel absolutely lifted and feel so much peace. Thank you for directing your loving energy towards me. You have put so many things in my life into greater perspective. You have a special gift! I know the Universe has sent you to me and my husband for us to fulfill a greater purpose. I feel as though I am starting to gain a rich understanding of my mission and unique gifts and feel so confident it will only grow as time goes on! What a beautiful day, today was! Thank you!

I want to thank you Lisa for what you did. I not only feel like a million bucks, but I just had the most incredible sleep I've ever had!!!! Wow, you are absolutely incredible! What a gift you have!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Earl Hartlen, Port Dover ON

A beautiful reflection of gratitude for Lisa Hall of Lavender Blue Healing Arts for all that you have shown me, taught me, and guided me to. Thank you for being my teacher and for being an absolutely incredible person to have in my life in the beginning of an evolving journey.

Kerri O'Rourke - Earth Star Healing, Kitchener ON

What our customers are saying

Lisa, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for following your true path, so that I had someone there to open me up to my own.

Your ability to be real, live what you preach and to share that openly, has been an incredible inspiration to me, and I want you to know this because this is something we desperately need in this world. Your authenticity makes me feel safe sharing my personal journey with you. Just know how much you’re appreciated and that I’m sending you love upon your own path. ♥️

Janice Story, Redding California 

Belle Cortez Lehmann - Eisenhuettenstadt, Germany

My dearest Lisa, I have so much gratitude.. I am so grateful for finding you.. Its purely Divine. When you came into our lives, our lives opened up in ways I could never have imagined. I am so glad I did all the  Soul Realignment clearings for myself and my children, and I know that Love can conquer all.  Millions of blessings of gratitude to you my love!

What our customers are saying

I say thank you on behalf of myself and many other students as I float higher and higher to my destined path. You are opening doors & so much safe space for people to raise their vibrations and BE! It's a beautiful knowledge, strength and power through your teachings and guidance. Sharing our struggles and victory's. I am so happy to be basking in this Light.

Chaenel Mattis, Toronto ON

Esther Herron, Guelph ON   

Lisa, thank you for a lovely day! I loved getting to know you and am so grateful for the magical experience and connections you created for me as my introduction into Reiki training❤.   I couldn't wait to get home and give myself my first treatment! I definitely felt the energy and was seeing the colored orbs and my third eye as I was working through my chakra system.  I had the sense that someone was watching me and I know it was my dad.  Thank you again for sharing he was with me when I was attuned.  Thank you again!!

Thank you for everything Lisa. I really love the way you taught us in our Indian Head Massage Certification. You have provided me with great meaning in having the ability to help others in such a wonderful and beautiful way. Thank you for so much for your teachable moments, I'll treasure them forever!

Manuela Dobre, Kitchener ON

Christine Allingham, Barry's Bay ON

I found Lisa by accident and I am so glad I did! Things have really shifted for myself and my family since I've started working with her, and I couldn't be more grateful! Lisa is very kind and compassionate. She has been there to answer my questions and help us in any way she could.

I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to make amazing changes in their lives!

What our customers are saying

Lavender Blue Healing Arts and Lisa is wonderful!! My first appointment today. I felt she knew me before she even met me! Lisa is very welcoming to her clients into her own home. Being at my reflexology appointment was like coming into her home and talking to your best friend. It's your appointment and Lisa will accommodate you to your needs. If you come for a routine appointment such as reflexology, but you want to try Reiki, she will set your appointment accordingly. 

Jeff McKinnon, Kitchener ON

Jane Slowikowski, Cambridge ON

The setting is unique and beautiful! There is a calmness to Lisa’s treatment room. I relaxed in every way as soon as I entered. Lisa’s hands treated my feet expertly during my REFLEXOLOGY session. I have experienced reflexology by another practitioner. The result of Lisa’s treatment was divine! My whole body released its tightness and I felt such joy! Thanks Miss Lisa.

What our customers are saying

Sweet, amazing Lisa! I need you to know how absolutely moved I am by what you have discovered/unveiled for me. Reading my Divine Soul Blueprint, all I can think was...BLESSED. I feel truly blessed. Many thanks to your attention to detail, clarity and genuine caring. I feel the depth of you wanting to guide your clients to have a better life through the awareness and information you provide. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

Nichola Philip - The Rock Spa, Kitchener ON

Jeremy Naylor, Waterloo ON

I have had a Soul Realignment reading and house clearing done for me by Lisa, and it was great! The Soul Realignment reading has really helped clear up some bad energies in my life and provided me with a sturdier path going forward.

What our customers are saying

 I am immensely grateful for the fantastic treatment I've had with Lavender Blue Healing Arts during and after my pregnancy. Lisa provided me so much knowledge with so much kindness. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to make incredible changes in their lives.

Camila Drehmer, Waterloo ON

Alexys Oxby - The Crystal Sisters, Kitchener ON

 I'm so glad my guides brought me to you, I literally had no idea what I was going to do to start this path.  I knew I wanted to heal people but I had no idea how I was going to do it. This has been a dream come true and I'm beyond excited to see what this path brings thank you for being such an amazing teacher and guide, your energy and love for healing is truly contagious .

Lisa did Soul Realignment for me recently. Wow. I have, to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect. Between the work she did and the clearing prayer I did, together it changed my life. It released all the negative parts of my past and has given me a wonderful new sense of peace. I am more confident, I am able, to express emotions easier. I am happier and have more energy. I recommend her for all her services including Reiki and reflexology too. Thank you, Lisa.

Diana Strickland - Diana's Divine Escape Spa, Waterloo ON

Amanda Cormier, Stoney Creek ON

I would recommend Lisa to anyone who needs a Soul Realignment. I'm so glad I had this done and looking forward to learning more about myself because of this!

What our customers are saying

Lavender Blue Healing Arts is an amazing place to go! Lisa is also an amazing teacher and gifted in every way!

Katie McHarg, Cambridge ON